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Greenlit is a new and unique third-party litigation funding platform that arranges funding for worthy and impactful cases that meet our stringent ESG vetting process. It is conceptionally, socially and commercially driven to enable philanthropic investment and global access to justice for ESG litigation. It marries prudent, diverse and high yield investments with the facilitation of good causes around the world. It is a new high standard model for sustainable, and responsible investment into the environment, society and good governance space.

About Greenlit

We focus not just on traditional markets in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia but also on bringing litigation funding opportunities to new markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Greenlit will only fund cases that meet the highest standards of ethics. Investment into Greenlit will be to support the protection of the climate and environment, human rights, and good governance, thereby providing access to justice for societal wellbeing around the world. Its aim will be to enable those with a just cause (including, against designated rogue regimes, corrupt governments or socially irresponsible big corporates), to empower and protect individuals, to keep wrongdoers and big business in check and hold them accountable.

The owners of Rigel Corporation (an international investigations, intelligence and diplomacy consultancy), Stanhope Capital (a successful global investment firm overseeing c.$24 billion AUM) and Ensof Advisory (an independent investment platform with significant experience in regulated investment funds and fund management companies) have joined forces to form Greenlit. Collectively, our expertise covers the full spectrum of requirements for investors, litigants and their legal representatives to enable relevant cases to be successful.

One of Greenlit’s unique propositions is its close and exclusive relationship with a collective of renowned international law firms and intelligence and diplomatic practitioners, led by Rigel. This collective has the ability to spot, triage and develop early stage justice causes to the point at which they become capable of investment funding.

Greenlit is different

Unlike traditional Third-Party Litigation Funds, Greenlit will fund justice matters that support the environment, human rights, good governance, and foster access to justice and societal wellbeing.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Greenlit will only deploy funds on ethical matters that meet stringent internal ESG criteria. Investment into Greenlit will be used to support the protection of the climate and environment, human rights, good governance and deliver transparency, access to justice and societal wellbeing around the world. Its aim will be to enable those with a just cause, to empower and protect individuals, and to keep wrongdoers in government and big business in check and hold them accountable. Socially responsible investment delivers added benefit for the investor by providing high impact ethical access to justice for important world-changing ESG causes. Such litigation is a catalyst for social change for the better.

Redressing wrongs

Greenlit’s aim is to redress wrongs for large classes of victims who would otherwise not have access to justice or the means to obtain the compensation they deserve. Victims around the world are failing to receive justice and compensation to redress the harm done by human rights abuses, environmental damage, pollution, data theft and abuse, defective products and addictive prescription medicines. Greenlit aims to give those people a voice by providing access to justice and ensuring the wrongdoers receive the highest financial penalty possible. Making wrongdoers pay, helping victims receive appropriate compensation and protecting the planet for generations to come changes lives and the world for the better.

Globalised outlook

Many litigation funds have not adapted to globalisation. They remain focused and tied to the mainstream jurisdictions of the UK, North America, Canada and Australia. Opportunities have been overlooked in Africa, the EU and Asia because only a few litigation funds have the know-how, reach, or experience to capitalise on them. Greenlit has the ability to deliver beyond borders to bring funding opportunities to those that need it most wherever they are around the world.


Greenlit delegates the marketing of origination to specialists, a collective of internationally renowned intelligence, investigatory and legal practitioners, ensuring a high quality and diverse case pipeline flow into Greenlit beyond the traditional origination flow of ordinary litigation funds. Greenlit subjects all origination to stringent ESG and commercial vetting to help find the best funding solutions available for each project.

Triaging good causes

Many good causes around the world never achieve their goals because of their failure to find funding. Others fail because the initiative is not analysed, packaged and presented in the right way to attract funding. Greenlit’s collective provides the know-how to assess, triage and shape an opportunity linked to an important cause into an investment opportunity that is appropriate for Greenlit funding.

Innovative investment opportunities

Greenlit does not just search for and attract investment opportunities within the traditional realms of litigation, arbitration and commercial casework. Greenlit funding is also available for projects and initiatives that fall outside the direct scope of legal actions. These include judgement debt asset recoveries, whistle-blower actions, human rights initiatives, good governance and legal reform programmes, inquiries and many others. Greenlit creates innovative investment opportunities by utilising bespoke fee solutions which are tailored to target high returns from each type of legal or quasi legal action.

A collective approach

Rigel has established a collective of renowned international law, investigation and intelligence practitioners. This collective provides a pipeline of cases for Greenlit to consider. It also has the ability to triage and incubate raw justice initiatives into legal cases for Greenlit’s consideration.

Informed and capable management

Successful legal actions are determined by many factors: evidence, solvency and likelihood of defendants paying a judgement debt, media opinion, the ability to trace and recover assets, political will, presentation of case, social and market trends, intelligence and tactics. Due diligence vetting of cases requires more than just a legal opinion. Through its collective, Greenlit facilitates holistic intelligence-led and informed decision-making to foster success.

Greenlit has the ability to properly support, promote and partner funded clients and their lawyers by utilising capability held within its collective of legal, investigations and diplomacy experts. Greenlit-funded cases will benefit from this expertise to help consider the pragmatic issues of recovery. This will help to produce successful outcomes for litigants and prevents wasting time and squandering invested funds along the way. It is these factors, in conjunction with the leading fund management advice, that are configured to target better results for a litigant and higher returns for an investor.


The owners of Rigel Corporation, an international consultancy whose principals have over 30 years of experience in intelligence, investigations, diplomacy and the law and also co-own McCue Jury & Partners LLP (a leading human rights and litigation law practice). Rigel has formed an informal collective of leading law, investigation and intelligence practitioners who have successfully recovered billions of dollars on behalf of their clients and are currently involved in some of the highest value contingency actions in the world.

Stanhope Capital, a global investment firm providing asset management and advisory services to private clients, charities and institutions around the world, overseeing c. USD 24 billion AUM.

Ensof Advisory, established in 2007 as an independent investment platform and has been identifying and realizing opportunities world-wide in real estate investment, debt and private equity, through regulated and unregulated investment vehicles.

ESG Committee

Greenlit’s ESG Committee carries out stringent ESG vetting of each proposed case for funding to confirm it complies with our ethical criteria, will have impact for the underlying worthy cause, and to ensure there is no greenwashing.

Investment Committee

Greenlit’s Investment Committee will consider and will carry out due diligence on prospective investment case matters. Investment proposals presented to Greenlit will be reviewed and assessed by a core group of leading professionals with extensive international experience in law, litigation and the investment market. Each case will be evaluated separately in-line with pre-defined investment guidelines.
Enquiries should be addressed to info@greenlit.global

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